Monday, September 07, 2009

He also does stations and memorials

Clifton Hampden bridge, designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott: him as also did St Pancras, lots of churches, and memorials to the Martyrs (Oxford) and Albert (London). According to the guide book of walks around Oxfordshire, it replaced a ferry across the Thames and was privately commissioned by a local family.

"I say, dear, who do we know who does a bit of building?"

I completely agree that if a job is worth doing then it's worth over-doing.

The house at the end might be nice to live in, though I'm not sure I would enjoy having high water flood marks in my back garden. Even less would I enjoy people being able to look down into my back garden and say "oh look, you can see where the water comes up to."


  1. I have met the lady who lives in that house. At the risk of serious libel, I can say that she proved to be drunk, angry and rude and shouted at us so much (for no apparent reason) that she failed to notice that we were trying to pay her for two nights camping at her campsite. We were happy to leave without paying.

    Nice camp site though.

  2. Bit of an eyesore, though, if you're walking along the north bank ...


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