Monday, April 28, 2008

Underground criminal activity

What exactly is it with the Austrian obsession for keeping women in cellars?

Recently ...

... and two years ago.

(Memo to self: this could very easily become distasteful. Must self-restrain.)

Is it some kind of status symbol with neighbours vying to compete? Like garden gnomes, only more extreme? Could it become a national sport? Granted that on the Loopy Austrian scale from 0-Hitler, this guy is at the relatively harmless end of the spectrum, but even so.

Wife Rosemarie seems adept at the other Germanic national sport of Knowing Nothing, Not Even Suspecting.

"Ach! Rosemarie! Zat daughter of ours has left another grandchild on the steps for us to foster!"
"Tcha! That girl! She never writes. Could you pass the salt cellar?"
"Cellar? Cellar!? I haf told you never to mention ze cellar!"

My feet are straddling the border of fine taste. I will stop now.


  1. Hm. You're right, I hadn't thought about it, but Knowing Nothing seems like a remarkable talent under the circumstances.

  2. Be careful with the self-restraining. It didn't do Stephen Milligan much good.

  3. Yes, the march of good taste continues ...

  4. Yoda has taught you well.

    "Underground criminal activity" reminds me of something I've been wanting to share this week with anyone, anyone who'll listen.

    One of my colleagues mentioned he was going to see a film called "Step Up 2: The Streets" and showed me an online synopsis. Said synopsis explains that the heroine enrols in a dance school but longs to escape back to the familiar world of "illegal street dancing". Now I wasn't aware that dancing, even in the street, was illegal, but by cracky someone had better tell David Bowie and Mick Jagger quick.

  5. I had no idea there was a world of street dancing, familiar and/or legal and/or otherwise. I can only conclude life is passing me by.

  6. Oh dear Ben. I would have to say this doesn't count as "relatively harmless".


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