Saturday, April 05, 2008

Televisual double strike

Excuse me.

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That was my eloquent silence on the subject of tonight's Dr Who. To expand: oh, my. I know Russell T. Davies is the golden boy of the BBC but is there no-one there who thinks to check/is capable of checking his scripts? Oy! Ten seconds of foreshadowing intrigue towards the end, but as for the rest of it ... Cute. Smug. Unscary. Everything that killed it originally.

Anyway. And then The West Wing. Channel 4 showed the first four series of this on terrestrial TV. Then, come the nail-biting finale to the fourth series, they stopped.

For the last couple of years More4 has been re-running the shows they originally broadcast. This has been fun but I was intrigued to see if they would carry on past the point where Channel 4 left out, which was tonight ...

The good news is, they are going to. The bad news is, they're moving to a new timeslot of 11.45. What is it about quality shows like this that makes Channel 4 treat them with such contempt? Is it jealousy that they'll never make one as good? Is it because it's not The Sopranos? If President Bartlet swore a lot, whacked some guys occasionally and cheated on his wife, then would they show it at a decent time?

Screw this, I'm getting the DVDs.

And as for Dr Who ... Okay, later in the season we get the returns of the Sontarans and what looked in the trailers suspiciously like the Sisterhood of Karn, so all may not be lost.

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  1. Ohhh Doctor Who... I knew there was something I was supposed to be watching. Ah well. I've missed two episodes of Lost anyway, life means naught to me now...


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