Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We'll always be together however far it seems

So, hands up if you had slightly longer than usual non-electric dreams this morning, due to living in south Oxfordshire and your electric alarm or clock radio not working because you had a power cut?

There were upsides. We actually had breakfast as a family on a weekday; we have a gas cooker so hot drinks were still in order (and there was hot water in the tank); and it was fun listening to BBC Oxford, for whom this was the most exciting thing to happen since the last thing happened that was really exciting.
  • "So, we're over to Debbie in Didcot. How has the power cut affected you?"
  • "Well, there's no electricity so it's cold and dark."
  • "That's amazing, because we were just talking to Wendy in Wantage and she says it's cold and dark too. Okay, over to Mike in Milton."
  • "Well, our power's just got back on."
  • "Get off the line and stop wasting our time. Over to Lyall in Littlemore. Lyall, no electricity then?"
  • "No, it's basically cold and dark ..."
At this point my powers of alliteration and satire fail, so I'd better get off to work.


  1. The same 'style' of reporting was utilised when it snowed that one time.

    I said to my dad "how many reporters does it take to say it snowed?".

  2. Power cut? I knew nothing about it. All my usual morning electric appliances were working, including my alarm clock. Strange.

  3. simon posted that at 4:06pm, but i'm sure if he posted again now he'd say otherwise, seeing as the entire of abingdon had a power failure for about half an hour at around 7pm.

  4. We didn't ... I think I'm sensing a north/south divide here. Maybe around the latitude of Faringdon Rd.

  5. Yep, the whole of long furlong, and at least some of peachcroft was out then.

  6. I live somewhere else. I have no valid opinion or experience, and would therefore make a fantastic reporter regarding your power outages.

    "Well, Simon, from what our sources are telling me, it may well have been cold and dark in many areas. Back to the studio."

  7. i was down at the brombleys and it reached us and a little further south as well.
    the line must have been pretty close to ben.

  8. It usually is ...


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