Friday, March 25, 2011

Genre for Japan

Nerds for Nippon! Scifi for Samurai! Shpaceships for Shinto. Or in this case Genre for Japan. Many worthies of the sf&f field, and also me, are auctioning off sundry goodies in aid of the good people of Japan. In my case it's a signed copy of the US hardback of TIME'S CHARIOT. Get bidding, people. In fact, go to and get bidding lots.


  1. Margaret6:17 pm

    Genre for Japan sounds like a great idea! I will probably start bidding on your book as soon as I can, along with a few other things.
    I was saddened by the news of Diana Wynne Jones' death today. Did you know her?

  2. I met her a couple of times but couldn't say I knew her (or vice versa). But yes, it's a sad day!

    Ooh, and thanks for bidding ...


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