Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not impressed, Vale

From the official Vale of the White Horse literature on Abingdon's new bin system:
"Live in a flat or communal property?
You will still be able to recycle more and have your food waste collected although your new service may not start in October. We will be in touch with you to let you know when the new service will start."
Oh good, I thought, because I live in a flat and the thought of one grey + one green wheelie for each flat all stacked up in a row is just too silly. It will take up too much room. Still, October is getting close and no squeak from them yet; maybe I should drop them a line to ask what service we will be getting instead. A nice automated reply tells me that I will get an answer from the appropriate authority. Oh good, I think, anything but a row of bins, one per flat.

So guess what we come home to today:

Well, that avoids confusion.


  1. We have a total of 6.5 new and old bins outside our house right now - all ours.

    What I really want to know is what will happen to the old bins.

  2. nineteen-delta4:10 pm

    And the Nestene plot nears fruition. - All the old bins will be recycled, all you need is to put it in the appropriate bin.... The tyranny continues.

  3. So, Tim, you're bin laden?

  4. Marion12:47 pm

    We get grey (landfill) bins and red (recycle) bins, but the green (organic) bins you have to pay for. They're for garden waste; food waste I supposed we're meant to put in our own compost heap. Who knows? Wish councils would get their act together.


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