Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A colleague has gone off to football practice in his lunch hour and has left what he is currently working on live on his screen. It's some kind of presentation and features the word "assesment" (sic) displayed very prominently.

Oh dear.

Do I correct it? Do I leave a post-it on his screen? Do I drop him a polite email?

There's nothing in Debrett's about this, probably because the kind of people who read Debrett's could not conceive of someone not being able to spell "assessment".


  1. That's the trouble with having the copy-editor's eye. The itch to correct is unbearable. Is his presentation external/important? You could always offer to proof-read as an in-house service...

  2. Anonymous10:06 am

    Personally, I'd correct it. Say it's a correction he'd agree with; if he notices, he will assume he typed it right the first time (who has 'correct misspelling of assessment on page 4' on their to-do list?!), if he doesn't notice it won't matter in either case. On the other hand, say it's a correction he'd disagree with; if he doesn't notice until the presentation then the unnecessary wave of terror which will then sweep over him is his punishment for the mistake, if he does notice then he'll assume he made a mistake, change it back, and... well, the consequences are his.

    But then, I'm an interfering busybody.


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