Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pulling off the Ritz

From the Beeb:
A jobless lorry driver who pulled off an "elaborate and outrageous scam" to sell London's Ritz Hotel for £250m has been jailed for five years.
Oh, come on! This story is hilarious. What happened to the good old British sense of humour? I mean, an unemployed lorry driver successfully passes himself off as a good friend of the Barclay brothers and people actually believe him. For this he is punished?

Quoth Det Sgt Ridler, the policeman who led the investigation: "It was well-planned, it was well thought out and there were victims [...] Reputations were ruined."

Yes indeed, people were revealed as immensely gullible and/or greedy. It was the kind of thing that was bound to come out eventually so he probably did them a favour.

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  1. Blinky2:34 pm

    Also, Boy wins 7.5K euros in defamation case.

    "A five-year-old Irish boy who was wrongly accused of stealing a bag of crisps has won 7,500 euros damages for defamation of character."

    -That's 1/40,000 of the Ritz he could buy.

    Good thing that his accusers didn't call him a "theiving paddy b*****d", or he might have made 20,000 Euros from the deal. Has the world gone nuts?


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