Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ode to Abingdon traffic

  • In honour of the experience of sitting in a 20 minute traffic queue because effing Ock Street is closed due to effing Abingdon fair; eventually giving up, parking in Hermitage Road and walking home.
  • To the tune of "Africa", with apologies to Toto.
I hear the fair echoing tonight
The music of the rides' bass syncopation.
The traffic's backed up to the lights
On the road that comes into town from Drayton.
It only lasts another day
I might just make it home by then, it's true.
The glowing clock digits seem to say
Hurry home, your dinner's waiting for you.

[duh, de-duh-duh duh]

Did Bonusbarn put the sausages on when asked?
Or has he forgotten the job with which he's been tasked?
I hate the traffic in Abingdon
I hate the traffic in Abingdon
(repeat to fade)
Now treat yourself with the original. Typical portentous 80s video, musical masterpiece.

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