Monday, August 17, 2009

Spam almost right

Some spam is just weird. Like this, received today by both me and my colleague:
Hiya. Long time no speak.

It's Nan's 95th Birthday next month, any ideas on what to get her this year?

Love Sis

Current email was sent by an Evaluation License.
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Straight text, no URL to go to, no viruses attached, no request for personal data to let them into my bank account.

But. My sister would never sign herself Sis and anyway, Nan's 95th birthday was five years ago. Her hundredth was while I was in Montreal. So, I don't think I will pursue this any further.


  1. I've had a bunch of these through today too - googled the message contents and your post came up.

    Must just be a bit of social engineering in an attempt at email verification I guess...



  2. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Just had the same. Probably harvesting live email addresses.


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