Thursday, January 29, 2009

TVM but WTF?

A supplier tells us they have a procurement process "from EOI to BAU".

EOI = Expression of Interest.

BAU = ...?

Binned and Unread?
Broken and Unmaintained?
Bugger All Use?
Bold and Underline?
Bloody Awful Users?
Bored and Underwhelmed?
Baryonic Asymmetry of the Universe?
Beirut Arab University?

Why people can't speak in clear English Baffles All Understanding.


  1. I received an email just yesterday with the title "Digital Vision BAU v's Project Work".
    The author did expand the acronym in the message: BAU means Business as Usual. So I forgive him for BAU, just. Putting an apostrophe in the middle of 'vs', however, means I will take my sweet time replying.


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