Monday, December 01, 2008

The feminine side of Ben

... is hidden on my official homepage, apparently, at least according to Gender Analyzer. This site takes a URL entered by you, the user, and (a) applies sophisticated semantic analytical techniques to work out the likely gender of the author or (b) takes a lucky guess with remarkable consistency.

For the record:
  • my homepage - 80% likely to be a woman. To rub it in Google Ads kindly offer an ad for "Understanding Men"
  • this blog - 62% likely male. Obviously because I belch and scratch myself as I type, or possibly because I talk about subjects other than myself ... Google Ad: "Beautiful Chinese ladies seek men for love and marriage. Join free!"
  • work (out of interest) - they guess man (51%), "however it's quite gender neutral". Which is as it should be so my manager was pleased. Google Ad: "Inside A Boyfriend's Mind – 10 Free Secrets On Men & Commitment To Keep Relationships & Love Alive"
I then tried it on the sites of various friends and it guessed them all correctly, except one, the most feminist of them all who comes across as 65% man. Snigger.


  1. Well, I do have a male brain.

    And if you check the "Did GenderAnalyzer give the correct result for your blog?" poll it says it got it right 54% of the time and wrong 46% of the time. Which is only marginally more successful than tossing a coin, and goes to show that gender is a lot more sophisticated than artificial intelligence. Which doesn't surprise me at all.

  2. Interesting. I tried 2 of my blogs. This Abingdon 70% man. It is very factual. My secret poetry blog 64% woman.


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