Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Department of So That's All Right, Then

Knocking around in our coffee lounge at work is a copy of "Ethical Consumer", a magazine apparently handed out to Privilege account holders with the Co-op Bank. It contains the following gem in the fizzy drinks section on page 36.
"The Colombian Food and Drinks Workers Union has also called for an international boycott of Coca-Cola, a move supported by the World Social Forum and UK-based Colombia Solidarity Campaign. The union accuses Coca-Cola of "complicity in the assassination of eight trade union leaders in Colombia since 1990", as well as torture, imprisonment and exile. Coca-Cola has denied responsibility, pointing out that hundreds of union leaders are killed every year in Colombia."

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  1. Nothing I buy, do, or travel in is freakin' ethical. It's getting very depressing that, as a Western consumer, the most ethical thing I could do is DIE.


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