Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We must learn to weather the weather, whether we like it or not

The BBC weather site has had a revamp. Apart from new pretty pictures it now tells you where your weather is coming from. I entered the postcode for work, OX11, and was told I was getting Reading's forecast, that being the nearest available for that code. Reading is 25 miles away.

I entered the postcode for Abingdon, OX14, and was told I was getting the weather for, well, Abingdon. Which is 7 miles away.

For the record, the weather in far-off Abingdon is scheduled to be:
  • 10:00 light showers, 14 degrees
  • 13:00 light showers, 15 degrees
  • 16:00 cloudy, 15 degrees
We Readingites are getting:
  • 10:00 cloudy, 14 degrees
  • 13:00 light rain, 15 degrees
  • 16:00 cloudy, 14 degrees
I think I'd rather be in Abingdon. I work indoors, so the light showers won't affect me, and it'll be marginally warmer when I go home.

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